Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Final Project: synopsis

Jamie is walking down the city street at night talking to Joseph on her cell phone.  She is talking about the dinner she is going to make when she gets home.  Jamie arrives at the entrance of the subway station and says goodbye to Joseph.  She casually strolls down the long tunnel of stairs and waits for the subway train.  On the bench next to her is a man sleeping and covered in newspapers.  Near him is a shopping cart filled with a collection of bottles and cans. The train screeches up right next to her feet.  Jamie casually steps onto the train.  The train car is empty and she pulls out a book.  The train's breaks screech again, and Jamie gets off the train.  She is walking down the dark and unlit street while texting on her phone, letting Joseph know she is almost there.  A very young boy, around seven, calls out to her.  He is wearing a hood and holding a gun, while standing next to an even younger boy, who is also wearing a hood.  Jamie holds her hands up, still holding her lit phone.  The boy with the gun positions himself behind Jamie, with the gun to her head, while the younger boy rips her phone and purse away from her.  She does not struggle, and just stands there awkwardly.  Later, during the day, the two boys are riding on bicycles.

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